Are you a screenwriter trying to climb a seemingly insurmountable wall of rejection that is designed to keep you out?

Does it seem like you’re facing impossible odds of getting your script read by agents and managers, let alone selling it to a studio or financier?

Are you worried about the studios’ current obsession with comic book superhero movies and reluctance to take creative risks on challenging original material?

Your fears about the creative whims and fads of Hollywood players may be entirely justified, but you can’t control the movies they want to buy. You can’t control if your screenplay sells, how it sells, for how much, or who buys. The sale of your screenplay is subject to market forces, players, and logic beyond your control.

At The Script Examiner, we tune out the noise and anxiety, and focus on the one thing you can control — your screenplay. Words on the page. I can’t get a studio to loosen its purse strings. I can’t introduce you to a manager or an agent. But I can work my ass off to help you tell the best possible version of your story.

I pride myself on my ability to customize notes based on the requirements of your screenplay. An independent ensemble feature by a writer-director can’t be judged by the same rubric as a Hollywood genre piece crafted to be plugged into the spec market. Nor can a subversive comedy seeking to challenge gender roles be analyzed in the same way as a market-oriented action-thriller.

I’m a professional reader currently reading for a coverage company and a film financing platform in Los Angeles.

Shall we get started?

Ashish Mehta
The Script Examiner