What makes you qualified to give notes?

My work as a writer and reader, i.e. my view from both sides of the fence. As an aspiring screenwriter, I know what kind of notes I’d like to receive. As a reader, I give notes weekly and am paid for it.

What do your notes look like?

Drop me a line at scriptexaminer@outlook.com, and I’ll send you a sample.

Do your notes include a synopsis and ranking grids?

Nope. My notes are just that — notes. There are plenty of other services that will give you synopses and ranking grids if you need them. I’d rather use that time examining your screenplay and penning a couple of extra notes.

How do I pay you?

Through PayPal. Once you send me your screenplay, I’ll email you a PayPal invoice. Click to pay. It’s really quite straightforward.

I don’t agree with your opinion on my screenplay. Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, no. All screenplay coverage and analysis is opinion, and that’s what you paid me for. That said, I always strive to improve my services, so any suggestions for improvement are always welcome.

I’ve just written my first screenplay and I’d love your thoughts on it. Is your service the right fit for  me?

Probably not. If you want to send me your first screenplay, here’s my note — go write your second one. Then park that and go write your third.

The idea behind The Script Examiner is to build long-term relationships with writers who’re serious about their careers, who’ve been through the process enough times to have a fair idea of their own strengths and weaknesses. If this is your first or second screenplay, my service might not be for you.

Can you help me land a manager and/or an agent?

Nope, but I can help you polish your screenplay so that you reach out to potential reps with your best work. There are several services out there that could potentially help you land representation (for instance, Spec Scout, The Tracking Board, The Black List, and Virtual Pitch Fest).

I have an original TV pilot I’d like you to gives notes on. Will you?

Absolutely. Write to me and I’ll give you a quote.