Basic analysis (USD 100)

Here’s what you get in my Basic Analysis service:

Notes – Customizable, specific, and actionable

3+ pages of detailed and in-depth analysis of your screenplay. The USP of my service is its flexibility to accommodate your requirements —  so if you need me to spend my time looking only at character development or thematic throughlines, I’d be happy to do so.

If you leave the content of my notes entirely up to me, my analysis will dig into your concept, narrative structure, character development, dialogue, and overall craft. I might focus on one parameter more than others depending upon your screenplay’s strengths and weaknesses. 

Correspondence – I’ll be your sounding board

My notes are just the beginning. If you take them  into consideration for a rewrite, I’ll correspond with you once a day for 2 weeks from the day I deliver my notes. We could chat about anything related to your screenplay or my notes. The idea is for me to stick around and spitball solutions as you work through a rewrite, or whatever other plans you might have for your screenplay. Think of it as brainstorming with a friend who knows your screenplay intimately. 

How to hire me

It’s simple:

1. Write to me at with your screenplay. 

2. I’ll send you an invoice for USD 100. Once you pay, I’ll confirm receipt and get started on your notes. 


Standard turnaround for notes on a feature screenplay is 2 weeks. If your screenplay is an adaptation or a biopic, the turnaround is 3 weeks as I’d like to familiarize myself with the source material.

Depending upon my availability, I might accommodate a 5-day turnaround request for an additional fee of USD 50. 

Other services

In addition to my basic notes service, I offer a more robust feature screenplay analysis service, as well as teleplay analysis, coverage, logline breakdowns, outlines and treatment analysis. Write to me at for further information and quotes.