“Ashish is quite simply the best script analyst I have ever worked with. He looks at every script through the prism of theme, and then conducts a thorough analysis of a screenplay’s plot and character choices. While great at the big picture notes, Ashish is just as effective on a microscopic, scene-by-scene, line-by-line level. I understand he used to work in the legal sector. Any screenwriters signing up for his forensic notes service will benefit from the same level of scrutiny, and laser-guided analysis, as his legal clients used to enjoy. Forget the cult of personality script gurus, and the faux agency, grid-style coverage services. If you want to hone your script before submitting to agents and producers, Ashish will help you put the best version of your vision on the page.”

— Dominic Morgan, produced screenwriter and WGA member. Dominic has been commissioned or optioned by over 30 production companies including: Scott Free, Universal, Lion Rock, Irwin Winkler, Bold Films, Working Title, BBC and ITV Studios.

“I find Ashish’s notes invaluable, not just for the second set of eyes he provides, but because he invariably gives me an unbiased opinion that is always dead on. What makes him stand out among analysts is his innate ability to intuit what it is I’m trying to do with my script and then to unfailingly steer me in the right direction.”

— Matt Presley, writer.

“Ashish did an amazing job of zoning in on parts of my scripts that weren’t focused, or needed extra depth.  His analysis of how to improve both structure and plotting helped me to finesse my pilot ‘The Demon Bureau.’ This certainly contributed to it gaining me a manager. Most recently he was able to pinpoint areas within the storylines in my comedy pilot that could be substantially improved with a few deft changes. I would certainly use him again if I had any screenplay problems and would thoroughly recommend him to both new and experienced writers.”

— Mike Donald, repped writer and Nicholl semi-finalist 2013.

“What impressed me the most about Ashish’s notes was the diagnosis of foundational story issues — those buried, heaving leviathans, lurking beneath the surface — that left unchecked, can torpedo an otherwise promising project. I’ve been consistently blown away by Ashish’s ability to identify these story problems, whether they be matters of structure, plot, character, or theme. In a world of notes-givers content to suggest a topical ointment, Ashish is a surgeon.”

— J. Young, repped writer-director.

“Ashish’s detailed analysis of my screenplay not only highlighted structural issues, but offered smart and incisive solutions, something few notes services provide. I was impressed by how impartially he approached the material and arranged his notes to improve what was there, rather than turn it into something completely different. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending The Script Examiner.”

— Lloyd Elliott, repped writer.